Sunday, September 23, 2012

That is so like you!

How predictable. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

the jackman is from oz

I don't love subtitled movies. I feel like "why read when I don't have to." You feel me?

However, I do enjoy movies from other cultures. I do not speak all the languages of these other cultures.

Enter subtitled movies. I watch kind of a lot of them.

And though there are a few Bollywood comedies, many of them leave me crying.

I watched a Hindi film recently which ended in tears. I'm still a bit shaken from it.

And then there was the Chinese film. No tears. But lots of feelings. And very pretty. The music, the background. Etc.

Imagine my surprise when in the middle of this Chinese film, I spy Hugh Jackman. I didn't really spy him. Spying indicates he was hiding and I sluethed him out. He was not hiding. He was playing a relatively main character. This is cool. But not as exciting as what I'm about to tell you. His character was... an Australian man. Made even cooler by the fact that in addition to speaking English well, he sang in Chinese. What!?!?!

You probably already knew that Hugh is Australian. I knew. And I don't know that much. But riddle me this. Why does he always play an American guy? Why does he not bless us with his sweet Aussie drawl? I do not know. But I like it when he talks Aussie.

I like it when anyone talks Aussie.

Even fake Aussie.

Throw another shrimp on the barbie.

And the like.

Did you make it all the way to the end of this post without thinking "Paula has failed to share her promised-by-July-1st music video"?

I did.

Sheepish grin.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Q: Where do dumplings come from?

A: Harbin, China


In other news... the gauntlet has been thrown.

But when and where will it land?

And what is a gauntlet? 

   a. a type of train track

   b. an Atari video game from the 80s

   c. a glove

Am I committed enough to testing your random trivia knowledge to create my own Wikipedia pages?

Let's logic this this out. Yes, I'm using logic as a verb. Yes, I am an English teacher.

Can the gauntlet be thrown? Well, that eliminates A & D. And though you probably could throw an arcade game, that would be hard, and damaging. To the game, to the thrower, and to the landing area.

So, we arrive at C. The glove has been thrown. It doesn't have the same ring as gauntlet, does it? In my imagination, it's thrown in your face. Like when you slap someone on the cheek with your glove to instigate a challenge. I do not recommend this course of action. Unless you are bored. Or telling hilarious knock-knock jokes. Also, slapping someone on the cheek with an armour gauntlet would definitely produce a reaction. That is, if they still had the use of their jaw. But my imagination is wrong. Which is weird, because that's never happened before. But I digress.

The gauntlet has been thrown. And picked up. (Seriously, read the wiki page. Interesting stuff.)

Where? The duel will be held here, on this amazing, but oft neglected piece of internet real estate.

When? We should really set some dates. I'm doing it right now. July 1st. Let the countdown begin. (Danielle: I'm expecting some pressure. Don't let me down.)

What? 4 minutes and 14 seconds of amazing, stupendous, out-of-this world, or maybe just mediocre entertainment. [Personal note: Set bar low. Avoid mega disappointment. Occasionally impress.] There will be music. Probably dancing. Definitely crying. Prepare to have your emotions blended. Like Eve6's tender heart (90s reference).

And now I must clean spring. Wait, spring clean. That's better.

Shanti bahar.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

45 Second Coffee Cake!